City Finance

2021-2022 Annual AuditCity Budget

The City Administrator creates a yearly budget for the City Council's approval.  The fiscal year of the municipality commences on October 1 and extends through the following September 30.  The Council begins the budget process by attending a budget workshop the last part of August so the City Administrator and Auditor can review the proposed budget and make changes if necessary.  

After the budget workshop the following needs to take place before the budget can be adopted and sent to the State of Nebraska.

  • The proposed budget must be published in a legal newspaper 5 days prior to the budget hearing
  • A budget hearing must be held (usually during a regular scheduled Council meeting)
  • The Council must adopt the proposed budget
  • A hearing to set the tax is required and the Council must vote to set the tax at a certain amount
  • The Council must vote to increase (if necessary) the budget authority a set percentage

After the hearings and Council's adoption of the budget, the budget is sent to the Fillmore County Clerk and State of Nebraska. 

Annual Audit
The City of Geneva is audited by a certified accounting firm on an annual basis.  An annual audit report is submitted to the Council and two copies are kept on file with the City Clerk.

2021-2022 Annual Audit

Contracts and Purchasing
Under ordinance the Council must abide by the following rules when entering into contract in excess of $30,000 for enlargement or general improvements, such as water extensions, sewers, public heating system, bridges, street work, or any other type of improvement when the cost will be assessed to the property.

  • Must have an estimate from the Municipal Engineer
  • Council approval to advertise for bids
  • Publish bid advertisement for 7 days in a legal newspaper