Wellhead Protection

The City of Geneva worked with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to map a Wellhead Protection Area in 2007, in order to regulate the existing and future potential sources of pollution or injury to the public water supply.  Wellhead Protection Area Map

Drilling and operation of wells and other underground facilities or contaminating facilities without permit is unlawful.  See below for the minimum recommended horizontal distance in feet separating the municipal water well from potential sources of contamination. 
Activity Distance from well
All Water Wells 1,000 feet
Sewage Lagoon 1,000 feet
Absorption or Disposal Field of Water 500 feet
Cesspool Prohibited
Septic Tank 500 feet
Dumping Grounds Prohibited
Feedlot or Feedlot Runoff 1,000 feet
Livestock Corral or Barn 1,000 feet
Chemical Product Storage Facility 500 feet
Petroleum Product Storage Facility 500 feet
Pit Toilet Prohibited
Sanitary Landfill Not Allowed in Protection Area
Sewage Treatment Plant 500 feet
Sewage Wet Well 500 feet
Sanitary Sewer Connection 100 feet
Sanitary Sewer Manhole 100 feet
Sanitary Sewer Line 100 feet
Sanitary Sewer Line (permanently water tight) 10 feet
Should any person, corporation, or other legal entity desire to obtain permit to drill and/or operate any of the facilities described above, the owner of the property on which the proposed facility is to be located must complete and submit an application to the City Administrator.

Violation of Wellhead Protection
Any person found in violation of any provision of this section shall be subject to a fine and the continuation of said violation will be deemed an additional offense for every 24 hours of continued violation.  In addition, the City may sue for damages and remediation and pursue any other remedy available to it under the laws of the State of Nebraska.