Water Department

The City of Geneva water system is supplied by four wells having an average water level of 100 feet.  The system has a combined maximum capacity of 3,443 gallons per minute and an average storage capacity of 300,000 gallons.  The quality of the water in Geneva does not necessitate a water treatment plant and the City is prohibited by the voters from the fluoridation of the City's water supply.  The water operators make every effort to flush all the City's fire hydrants once a year in order to assure water quality and to keep the hydrants in good order. There are currently four City employees who are State of Nebraska licensed water operators.
Water Facts
  • The average daily summer demand is 1,100,000 gallons
  • The static pressure runs 70 lbs per square inch
  • The average water temperature is 54 degrees
  • The hardness is 11 grains/gal
  • Iron- .06 mg/liter
  • Manganese-.62 mg/liter